Art 100: James Brook

Extra Mundane by James Brook at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design


From extra-large paintings of television and YouTube screenshots to erased Simpsons posters, Brook’s work is a meta exploration of process and time. Along one expansive wall: reproductions of his childhood artwork co-mingle with paintings created by his 6-year-old daughter. In the next room: framed artwork rivers across the floor, requiring viewers to look down, interact with, step over. The work fits PCA&D’s gallery perfectly—don’t miss the surveilling view from floor three to floor one. Brook’s sense of humor is best on display in “Application”, an intricate watercolor replica of a painting competition entry form. The piece was ultimately accepted.

The Art 100 series was inspired by Amber Eve Anderson’s 100 Words newsletter feature & American Microreviews and Interviews (AMRI).