Zine Review: Photosynthesize

PHOTOSYNTHESIZE // Seijo Photography

5.5 x 7 inches, stapled

A photo zine inspired by photosynthesis? Sign me up. This collection by photographer Lina Seijo centers on the transformation of light into energy. Think: plants in a nightclub. Think: plants on acid. Full-color photos on each page showcase the wilder side of lilacs, prayer plants, ferns, aloe, and jade. If you get the chance to see Seijo’s work in a larger format (she’s often showing work in and around Lancaster, PA), don’t pass it up. While nicely reproduced in zine format, these plant photos are truly stunning when sprawled across a four-foot canvas.

Exhibition Alert!

Seijo is launching a brand new photo zine and showing more of her work in Lancaster, PA on October 4th as part of First Friday. Stop by BZDC (new location at the corner of Prince & Chestnut Streets) between 5-8pm, say hello, and buy some local art!