House + Plant + Pet Sitting

Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I love working from home but I often need things to help break up my day. Walking my own dog (a rescued dachshund mix!) helps me get away from my computer every now and then. So, I decided to offer my services to others who may not be home quite as much.

I’m available for pet walks/checks/medication as well as house sitting for longer stints (I can basically work from anywhere). Oh, and I’m pretty good with plants, so I can water those for you as well. Please review the testimonials below and get in touch for rates and availability!

My base pet sitting rates start at $15/visit for one visit per day and $25/day for two visits per day.

erin [at] erindorney [dot] com



“Erin was the perfect person for watching our home. She is respectful and thoughtful. She even took care of some light yard work and did a great job. She was the reason we were able to travel abroad for 8 weeks and not worry once about what was happening back home. Thanks Erin!” - Nicole, Lancaster resident

Watched: House + Plants

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“I've always kind of felt awkward having anyone watch my high-needs pet, and/or in my house when I'm not there (it's old and there's always something to fix!), but Erin makes me feel more than comfortable and confident in her ability to care for such important things. I can't recommend her enough.” - Samantha Sweigert

Watched: House, Dog + Plants


“Erin took careful, thoughtful care of our house and plants. I would HIGHLY recommend her!” - Libby

Watched: House + Plants


“Erin did a great job watching my house and pets. She gave me reassurance when I was on my trip that all was well at home.” - Amy

Watched: House, Dog + Cat


“I never have any issues when Erin takes care of my dog. Erin is super trustworthy and reliable! I would definitely recommend her services to anyone!” - Lina Seijo-Herbert, Photographer

Watched: Dog

Get in touch for rates and availability: erin [at] erindorney [dot] com